Policies & Procedure

A policy is a collectively agreed statement of beliefs. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by an organisation. Policies inform procedures.

A procedure is a way of doing something; a written method or course of action to be taken in particular circumstances.

These set of policies and procedures demonstrate a professional approach to processes and practice as well as, where applicable, compliance with the requirements of law.

Our policies and procedures enable us to plan and provide evidence that sound practice is taking place. For example, a policy on parental partnership formulated by staff and parents demonstrates the nursery’s commitment to working with parents for the benefit of the children’s care, welfare and early learning.

Policies and procedures set a baseline underpinning decisions made every day and act as reference points for all practice in the nursery. They form the core processes upon which parent partnerships are based. When parents consider placing their child in a nursery, the policies and procedures outline for them the underlying ethos behind that particular nursery. How parents feel a nursery’s beliefs and ethos fits with their own beliefs will determine whether they send their child to the nursery.

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