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The Story

Famly was founded in 2013. We realised that many nurseries used paper to do reporting and communication which required an unnecessary amount of time and resources. We wondered how much valuable time was actually being taken away from the children and other important tasks.

Further investigation revealed that the nursery management solutions available were clunky, old-fashioned and did not fit today’s workflow. We set out on a journey to change that.

The Vision and Platform

We improve everyday life with children. For parents, teachers, daycares and, most importantly, for the ones in the middle of it all – the children. The Famly platform lets parents care for their children throughout the day and help daycare owners care for their business. Easily.

We aim to develop a smart platform that enables nurseries to improve and grow their childcare business with ease, bringing parents and nurseries closer together and creating more time for the children.

Famly has been developed in close cooperation with a wide range of nurseries. This has given us a deep understanding of the everyday workflow in a nursery, along with the expertise to help nursery owners optimise and grow their business.

Famly is a tool that will reduce your workload and improve your daily routine. We don’t believe in digital solutions for the sake of digitalisation – it has to make sense. We are constantly striving to optimise the Famly experience based on your feedback.

You are in good hands...

Over the years, our team has been steadily growing alongside the platform. We’re now proud to have some of the most talented minds from all corners of the globe working on making the Famly experience better every day.

Everything that matters is done right here at Famly HQ, in close partnership with all of our customers. That includes the developers that work to grow and improve Famly, and our support staff who answer every call, email, and message.


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