Forest School

In a word dominated by digital mediums we strive for our Little Leaders to experience the great outdoors and learning programmes with a particular focus on Forest School. The vast array of green spaces near to all our nurseries provide the perfect location for our children to explore and learn in a natural setting.

At Forest School all participants are viewed as:

✔️ equal, unique and valuable

✔️ competent to explore & discover

✔️ entitled to experience appropriate risk and challenge

✔️ entitled to choose, and to initiate and drive their own learning and development

✔️ entitled to experience regular success

✔️ entitled to develop positive relationships with themselves and other people

✔️ entitled to develop a strong, positive relationship with their natural world

Our weekly Forest School sessions help to promote all of the above and integrate it with the core EYFS curriculum.

The below from the Forest School Association gives and brief history of Forest School in the UK:

‘Forest School in the UK may seem a fairly new movement. In reality it is based on a rich heritage of outdoor learning going back at least to the 19th century. Philosophers, naturalists and educators in Europe and the UK such as Wordsworth, Ruskin, Baden Powell, Leslie Paul (who founded the Woodcraft Folk in 1925), Kurt Hahn (who founded Gordonstone and was the inspiration for our first outdoor education centres), Susan Isaacs and the Macmillan sisters all laid the foundations for what is known as Forest School today. During the 1970s and 80s our education system moved toward a more teacher/outcome-centred approach in an attempt to improve numeracy and literacy, in particular, and we had the introduction of the national curriculum. Somewhat in response to this, there was a growth of ‘alternative’ educational models in the 1990s and it is in this context that Forest School emerged.’

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